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Setting up your Watch and connecting to App for the first time

  • Go to App Store
  • Click on Search
  • Type SmartHealth and click Search, (Smarthealth no spaces)
  • Make sure the app as shown above
  • Download App

As soon as you open the app, the popup message will ask you that it would like to find and connect devices

Please choose OK

Once you choose OK, another message will pop up after, choose (Allow While Using App)

After you have done the above Click Sign in and not Login
This set up is done once

Once you click sign in, you will be on this page, please put a valid email and click get verification code

An email will be sent to you as shown below

Enter the verification code you received in your mail

As on the screen, create a password, you can touch the eyes to see your password and make sure they are same and click sign in as shown below


After clicking sign in, this is the screen that you will be in (See Below), please choose ok

Press and choose (Turn All Categories On)

Click allow on top right of your screen

After you click allow, you will be brought to this screen Shown below, please make sure your Bluetooth is turned on and press the red bar where it says (Device not connected click connect device)

Device search will start as shown below, If you purchased the

  • Smart bracelet the device will show E66+XXXX
  • Smart Watch will show E80 XXXX

Choose the device

After you choose the Device it will request you to pair, please choose (Pair)

If you have problem pairing your watch, you can pair it later, see below on how to resolve pairing your watch

After you pair, this screen as shown below will pop up, please choose (Allow)

Once you choose Allow, you will be on this page

  • Create Nick Name (Not necessary)
  • Choose your age
  • Choose your gender
  • Choose your height
  • Choose your weight
  • Choose your skin colour (The purpose of choosing skin color is to enable the sensor strength to adjust intensity automatically)¬†
  • Choose if your present blood pressure is normal, High etc

See below screenshot for above

Adding Nickname, choose confirm

Change the rest accordingly as shown below

Click Blood Pressure


Choose your present state of your blood pressure and click done

Once you have done the above, click save on the righthand top corner

If you do not save the details will be lost, if you want to change your unit setting refer below

Once you click save you will be brought to this page,

Click on unit settings if you want to change

  • weight to pounds instead of kg,
  • Temperature Degrees to Fahrenheit
  • Distance KM to Miles
  • Height CM to Inches

See below screenshot

Click save shown on top right hand corner once you are done, and you will be brought back to this screen as shown below

If you want to change the setting click on the pencil icon see above

Change your details and click save after you are done if you want to change weight, height into the unit settings of your choice

Please click save once you are done otherwise it will not save

Beside the word connected it will show the battery life of your watch, this indicates you have to charge your watch, please refer below on how to charge your watch

Press the connected it will bring you to the next screen shown below

Themes basically allows you to change the theme on your watch display dial on to your preference, there are 4 themes for the Smart bracelet and 7 Themes for the Smart Watch

Click on themes

Choose your Theme. 

In order for you to see the theme on your watch choose theme and click done to see the theme on your Smart Bracelet or Smart Watch

Click on notification 

Once you Click on notification, below will be what you will see on screen

You may choose which notification to turn on or off.  

Do not press ignore all notification 

We suggest keeping all notification on 

Click back to go to previous screen as shown below

Click on Sedentary if you want to set your time to more than 15 mins, this is automatically set on 15 mins 

Health monitoring is automatically set on 10 minutes, we suggest not to change that, this will take your Temperature, Blood pressure, Blood Oxygen, Respiratory and heart rate every Ten minutes 

Click on Temperature Warning and you will see the screen below

Please make sure is turned on, as shown above, if not please turn it on 

The warning high level value is defaulted to 38 Degrees Celsius or 100 Degrees Fahrenheit 

Click on back to go to previous screen 

Click on Anti Loss, and you will see the screen below

We recommend to turned this on

Click on back to go to previous Screen

Click On Heart Rate Warning, You should see screen below

Please ensure this is turned on.

The dangerous value is defaulted to 150 beats per minute as shown below

Click Back to go to previous Screen

Raise to wake is automatically turned on, this is a battery saving mode

The watch will automatically turn on when your raise your hands to see the time and will turn off after 3 seconds, we recommend this to be turned on, if this is turned off, the only way to turn it on is by touching the metal plate on your Smart bracelet or the Screen on Your Smart Watch, Please note that the Smart bracelet is not a touch screen watch, however the smart watch is a touch screen watch

Click on wearing position to change which hand you are wearing your watch, this is to ensure accurate readings, see screen below

Click done once you have changed, this is automatically set to left hand

Scroll down

Click on brightness to adjust, only allow you to choose between low medium or high

You may click on do not disturb to set your watch not to disturb you. Should your readings not be normal the watch will vibrate, the do not disturb will stop the watch from vibrating should your vitals have irregularities 

Photograph is just to allow you to add photo or take pictures and change your avatar, when you click on the picture icon it will allow you to add your picture, Once you change the picture, you won’t be able to remove it, you can only change it to another picture or avatar available in your phone, the default avatar will not be available anymore once you change the picture.

Click Back to go to main page of settings as shown below

Click on the Avatar that shows a picture of bracelet to add your picture

Press on home button to go to your Main Dashboard as shown below screen

You Can see readings taken when you wear your Smart bracelet or Smart Watch, Please ensure its paired, If you walk away from your phone and it the watch is too far away the Smart Bracelet or Smart Watch will Vibrate

Scroll down to see all your Latest readings as Shown below, 

You Can touch on any of the readings to see your history of readings that are taken every 10 min, With Graphs, Scroll back up to BP Readings as shown below


Touch on the BP Readings and you will be brought to the screen shown below

Click on Blood pressure calibration, the purpose of this is input your recent or previous readings which you have taken with another device and enter the blood pressure readings, if you are not sure normal readings you can go to https://medicinenet.com/blood_pressure_chart_reading_by_age/article.htm

Click on Blood Pressure Calibration, and you will be seeing the screen below

Set your SBP and DBP accordingly and click Confirm and you are all Set

If you want to sign out which we do not recommend, However if you do go to settings and scroll down

Click Sign Out and a message will pop up to confirm that you want to sign out as shown below, Please note that your App won't be able to collect data once you sign out

Click confirm and you will be signed out and the screen below should appear

To sign in back just put your user name (Your Email that you registered) and your password and press Log in and not Sign in and you will see your Dash Board as shown below